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Audi Talent Awards
Hervet Manufacturier
 Audi Audi Talent Awards
Daft Punk
Hervet Manufacturier


Pierre Ferrandez and Eliote Shahmiri met in 2006
at the National College of Arts and Design (ENSAAMA)
Olivier de Serres in Paris.

It was during their time of study together that they developed their skills in Graphic design, Typography
Illustration and global Art Direction.

Eliote and Pierre both worked as Art Directors in highly regarded studios such as H5 and Encore in Paris,
as well as Exposure and Pure DNA in London.

The two have since decided to join forces by creating an independent design office : POLICESTUDIO.
In 2015, they are joined by the Estienne graduated
typeface designer Arthur Alazard.


We believe in both the importance of a structured method,
and in the respect of process in creation.
In this framework, drawing has a foundation key role.

Typography is one of our favorite mediums to deliver unique and original statements for each of our clients.
We love bringing this sophistication to big companies, local businesses and individuals.

We are of the opinion that searching for relevant historical references is the best guarantee of result.
Precision and high-level crafting are things we care about.

Beyond graphic design, we believe in interdiscipline.
We are frequently asked to export our skills and artistic point of view in other fields of design.


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